Ein 'art furniture project' in Zusammenarbeit mit Patrick Timm.

The IDEA of “nomadic furnishing” is reflected in our substantial conception: It’s about furniture that doesn’t take much space and that is easy to move. It’s about fitment offside industrial production and standard design: Furnishings for urban and rural nomads and for people who appreciate to invest their personal living spaces with traditional handcraft combining the ideas of resource-efficiency and aesthetics. ​ We specialize in bespoke custom designs, especially for hotels, cultural institutions and those who feel inspired by our nomadic philosophy. ​ Our objects that are manufactured mainly from wood and porcelain, animate living spaces by their unique character. All pieces are handcrafted by artists being aware of their artisanal traditions. ​ “Furniture constitutes living space and living space is where the majority of us spend most of their time. Furniture structures space and turns unsophisticated into significant space. The way rooms are furnished, by what kind of items they are structured and organized, how furnishings are lit, if they stand or hang, all that influences to a large extent the type of thoughts that may emerge in that specific environment. ​ Furniture is an invitation to thinking and dreaming, a call for potential ideas and intuitions; it is not only a facility but also an aspect of the Humane that implies thoughts by its mere presence.” (quote: Mark Kingwell)

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